Psychotherapy can assist  with a

variety of issues including:












Career issues




Eating Disorders


Personal/life issues


Relationship issues


Sexuality issues


Self-Esteem issues







What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy assists clients in gaining insight into the difficulties or issues they are currently facing, helping to establish a greater understanding of their motivations and behaviors, enabling them to find more appropriate ways of coping or to bring about change in their life.


Psychotherapy explores feelings, beliefs, thoughts and behaviors, which can include childhood, personal or spiritual issues.


What happens during therapy?

Sessions are different for each client, depending on the material, it is therefore  difficult to say exactly what will happen. During the work together a relationship is built providing a container for the client to explore their issues in a safe, holding enviroment.


How long does therapy last?

Each client is unique, it is therefore difficult to say how many sessions will be required.

Some people have a specific issue they wish to address, while others are interested in looking at all corners of their life to find a deeper understanding of who they are, either way, a time limit is never set, the client decides when they are ready to leave therapy.


Depending  on the individual case clients may choose to work short term or long term, this can be discussed in the assessment.

Sandra Schmool