Sometimes life can seem too difficult to understand let alone navigate through! Maybe your relationship(s) are not going well, perhaps you feel a discontent somewhere deep inside yet can't quite understand it, or you may have a wound from the past that isn't healing.


Psychotherapy can assist in these and many other issues life can present us. I offer Integrative and Transpersonal Psychotherapy - pulling on a variety of styles depending on the need and requirement of the client.  Transpersonal Psychotherapy, respecting both mind and spirit, bridges the gap between the mind and heart, helping create a feeling of being more whole, more in touch with our needs and desires. When we know our needs we are more equipped to live a happy, content life.


In order to grow we must be willing to make changes in our life, often we feel alone and without direction, Psychotherapy is a safe place to explore the different options life presents with someone who is willing to walk the path with you, in order to discover your own truth.


Sandra Schmool Counselling and Psychotherapy






"Look for the answer inside your question" - Rumi


"Take time out to listen to your truth"